UAE is the world’s second safest country to visit, report shows

The country beat the likes of Singapore, the United States and many popular European holiday destinations.

The UAE is the world’s second safest place to visit, beating countries including Singapore, the United States, and popular European destinations.

That is according to Which? Travel, which ranked the world’s top 20 holiday destinations using data collated by the World Economic Fund, the World Risk Report, NHS Fit for Travel website and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) terrorism assessment risk to assess their overall safety.

Iceland topped the index, followed by the UAE, Singapore, Spain, and Australia.

“Of the 20-holiday destinations that we looked at, Iceland, unsurprisingly, came out as the safest country,” said the Which? report, noting it for one of the world’s lowest murder rates.

“The UAE and Singapore were also considered extremely safe, with Spain the next safest of the six popular European holiday destinations that we looked at. Worst rated were South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, India, and Mexico,” said Which?

The UAE is also the third least likely country on the index to suffer from a natural disaster, after Barbados and Iceland. Singapore and France rounded out the top five at least risk of natural disasters.

The most dangerous was Japan, with a natural disaster risk of 13.47 percent.

The UAE is also low-risk for health concerns, as are the five European countries included in the index: Spain, France, Italy, Iceland, and Greece, according to NHS Fit for Travel.


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