UAE among best countries to move to for expatriates

Based on an expat survey report was released last month, UAE is among the top 10

The 2018 report released by HSBC is based on a survey of 22,318 expats based all around the world and measures each country on various factors including salary, overall well-being, and well-being of children, the risk of financial issues and more.

While money is a definite factor for people to move to new countries as expats (two-thirds of expats globally get an extra US$21,000 annually on average in equivalent jobs after the move), the report also looks at human-interest and life factors.

United Arab Emirates

It’s hardly surprising that UAE has been featured in the best of this list given that more than 70 percent of the residents here are expatriates.


Expat life in UAE report
Image Credit: HSBC Expat Explorer 2018

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