Refer clients that are looking to purchase a property in Dubai and earn rewards including cash, shopping vouchers, dining and hotel accommodations.

This Member Get Member is open to persons aged 18 years and above and there is no maximum limit of referrals an individual can provide. The referrer cannot refer themselves.

To be eligible for the above referral fee, you (the referrer) has to sign-up with Range International Property Investments’ Member Get Member Program. Your details will be registered on our internal Client Relationship Manager System as a Referrer.

Your referral (the referree) must not be known to Range International Property Investments already. Should the referee be considered an existing contact, with name and contact details registered on the Range International Property Investments’ Client Relationship Manager System, the referrer will not qualify for this offer. You will be notified of this decision and if requested, evidence to support the decision can be provided, subject to data protection laws. Referrals cannot be made with consideration of past events.

The referree is required to either complete the sale transaction of their property with Range International Property Investments and a signed contract of intent to sell the property using Range International Property Investments must be agreed within one year from receipt of the referral. Payment to the referrer will be made upon completion of the property sale and after the transaction payment being received by the company.