Insights about Range International

Range IPI, is now running full-fledged operations in the Real Estate market of Dubai, UAE. With a floor full of agents and the backing of a talented marketing team they are set to make a mark.

Initially with just a handful of members, Range has expanded into an office full of energetic and exciting employees. We have the best, the brightest, the most inventive staff who arrive to work with a purpose.

Every day at the office is energetic and lively where everyone emphasizes strongly on team work, whilst rewarding individuals for their own success. Everyone is committed to deliver excellence for the clients with passion and integrity.

Located at 2601 Aspect Tower in Business Bay, the office floor is always hustling and busy. Real Estate being the fast paced industry in Dubai every minute of the day is important.

Over the coming months the company will be increasing the throughput of this facility and preparing to expanding operations not only in the middle east but across Asia and Europe.

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