EXPO 2020 : A Golden Opportunity for Dubai Real Estate

With EXPO 2020 just around the corner, Dubai is ready to show the world what it is made of. It is the largest single event to ever be hosted by a Middle East country and UAE has claimed all the bragging rights to it and well rightly it should!

Officials in Dubai are already in top gear to organize the even befitting the sheer potential and reach of UAE as a country. The stage has been set and the world has its eyes on Dubai now, more than ever. EXPO 2020 will take place over a span of 6 months showcasing trade from all over the globe and flaunt innovations from within UAE and the world.

A global event such as the EXPO 2020 is set to reform the Real Estate Sector of Dubai. 2017 is going to be the year where all the groundwork for EXPO 2020 gains full momentum with jobs, infrastructure, and economic prosperity are gaining pace. Real Estate Sector will see a return on higher sales and property exchanges for welcoming EXPO 2020.

Most finished and ongoing projects initiated by developers in Dubai have either been completed and are being handed over or are on the verge of completion. Some developments to look out for exclusively done for EXPO 2020 are; The Dubai Water Canal, The Museum of the Future, Deira Islands, Dubai Theme Parks, Jewel of the Creek and many more.

As 2020 gets closer Dubai is doing all it can to benefit from an event of such mammoth magnitude. It will further add value to the government’s plans to improve the tourist sector, hospitality and not to forget the Real Estate Sector of Dubai!

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