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Dubai real estate market remains strong as China suggests coronavirus peak has passed

Earlier this week, China revealed that the epicentre of the Covid-19 virus, Hubei, recorded the first day of single-digit new cases since the outbreak began in December. The country believes that the peak of the infection has now passed and the country can begin to return to normal.

This marked slowdown in the spread of the virus is a positive sign for the rest of the world where the outbreak is just beginning to take hold. The virtual lockdown of the various cities and regions in the country is one of the biggest contributors to the decline and measures being implemented right here in Dubai are an encouraging sign that the area will also start showing signs of improvement.

Some of the measures implemented to help reduce the spread of the virus in Dubai include:

  • Screening at all airports
  • An increase of sanitizers in offices and throughout the region
  • Massive cleaning operations being undertaken at crowded places and on the metro
  • Closure of all schools

These are just some of the measures which are helping to stem the increase of the coronavirus spreading and as the summer months grow the virus is also not expected to be able to survive when temperatures reach above 26 degrees.

Work and preparation for Expo2020 is still going ahead, which is a very encouraging sign, and the property market is still flourishing as investors realise that Dubai remains one of the strongest and safest places in the world to live and work.  

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