Nisha Bhaskaran

Compliance Manager

Nisha played many key strategic roles throughout her career before joining Range in 2021 as a Compliance Manager. She finds herself curious to explore many different fields and challenges herself to succeed in each and every one of them, which she never fails to achieve. She came to Dubai in 2008 and has 14 years of experience working in Banking, Sales, Services Team Leadership, Virtual Relationship Officer, Business Development Officer, and Senior customer support associate. Nisha believes that working in compliance provides her with a fair opportunity to enhance her skill set in various industries and jurisdictions. She is highly resilient in any scenario and adheres to her professional principles with zeal, assuring client trust at all times. In fact, her favorite part of the job is the amount of responsibility she takes on since it challenges her personal development, and that motivates her to work harder and give more. Her favorite lines are written by Deputy General Paul McNutty and they read, "If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance." She strives to work diligently and deliver the best.

Email :

Phone No: +97145548489