Minahil Farooq

Property Consultant

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Minahil joined the Range family towards the end of 2022 as a property consultant. She is an off-plan expert with experience in helping customers who are looking for the best project options in Dubai. One of her long-term ambitions is to become one of the top brokers in the Dubai real estate market and she is consistently working towards that goal. Another goal of hers is to go on a World tour where she can explore a variety of cultures and cuisines. She is also very passionate about visual art and spends time perfecting the craft in her free time.

Email : sales@range.ae

Phone No: +971 455 484 89

Customer Reviews

for Minahil Farooq

"Minahil is Very professional and happy about their service. I will recommend the company to other people."

Martina Pierucci

"I approached Range Properties when the broker with whom I had initially engaged failed to get me the property of my choice. The effort and commitment put out by Ms. Minahil and Mr. Jasbir to get me a similar unit against all odds are worth appreciating. I Strongly recommend Range Properties to those who are looking for any real estate deal in Dubai."

Rifan Rafique