Ahmad Khan

Property Sales Agent

Ahmad Khan is a property sales agent working with Range since February, 2022, the same month when he first arrived in this dazzling city to begin a new chapter of his life. However, he has been familiar to the chapter of real estate, having worked in a similar position in Pakistan since 2020. The reason Ahmad chose to pursue a career in the real estate industry lies in his passion for the property market and the belief that public dealing will flourish him as a pure market person. A few characteristics of Ahmad include fair dealing with clients, deep knowledge of the subject he pursues and a proactive approach to his work duties. Besides his professional life, Ahmad is actively involved into sports and enjoys playing cricket and badminton.  As a property sales agent, his favourite aspect of his job involves connecting with people from varied backgrounds on a daily basis and explore the unexplored. And now, having explored a huge proportion of the property market with Range, he would advise aspiring property enthusiasts that this industry is a great platform for learning and networking.

Email : sales@range.ae

Phone No: +971 455 484 89